Sport Injury Rehabilitation 

Sport Injury Rehabilitation 

What is Sport Injury Rehabilitation ?

Sport is something a large part of the UK population take joy in participating in whether you play competitively or for leisure. However playing sport does take its toll on the human body and leaves us all susceptible to multiple injuries caused by joint mobility restrictions, strength and balance deficits. Here at Mi Treatments we offer several different concepts of sports rehabilitation for all injuries of the bodies joints and the muscles that cause movement. 


If you suffer from restrictions in the mobility of your joint, the efficiency in which your muscles operate or that your neural pathways are somewhat compromised are all indicators to injury. Our Job here at Mi Treatments is to determine what YOUR underlying cause of dysfunction is and fix them. 




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Why choose us?

The experience on your journey through our service is our priority, providing a relaxing, informative and effective treatment pathway. You will be under the care of our vastly experienced and qualified musculoskeltal specialists to provide you with the best experience along with the best outcome.


This is enabled with the latest ultrasound imaging technology and experienced expert sonographer's with proven high quality imaging protocols, pathways and procedures in place to try and help diagnose any pain you may have. 


We are trusted by GP's and doctors along with many other healthcare professionals.  


Who will I see?

You will be cared for by a small team and seen by a specialist healthcare professional that has proven experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and the latest URMT technology.